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Video: Testing The Leap Motion In VR. Contains Happy Swearing.

As promised, I managed to get longtime SC collaborator Johnnie Ingram to test out the Leap Motion’s new Orion software in VR so I could record it.

Well, I say “I managed” - actually he insisted. Forcefully.

And his response was…

Well, let’s just say he was impressed.

Afterward, Johnnie described the experience as mind-blowing” and “life-changing”.

Doesn’t quite have the precision to do small or complicated movements. But honestly, when you’re playing with it, you don’t care. It feels like magic. It’s sorcery.

VR is here. It’s real. And it’s getting better.

Tried out the Leap with the Orion software yourself? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook, or join the discussion on Reddit or Hacker News.