Hugh Hancock

An archive of creative work by the late Hugh Hancock / Strange Company

Welcome to the Strange Company Archive

Strange Company's Director, Hugh Hancock, died in 2018. Strange Company is no longer a registered Company. This site is part of his body of work, and as such it is hosted and maintained by a group of volunteers and as an archive of his work.

If you need to contact the maintainers of this site, please do so using this form.

Hugh Hancock

We're archiving as many of Hugh's movies as possible on the Strange Company Archive YouTube channel.

You can also visit Strange Company's original YouTube channel (this channel is unmaintained).

The Internet Archive

We've uploaded Hugh's movies to The Internet Archive. Many of them can be found in the Strange Company Legacy library.

Hugh was an enthusiastic proponent of open licences such as Creative Commons, and uploaded many of his movies to the Internet Archive himself.

Source code

We will release the source code to as many of Hugh's movies, tools and websites as possible. This code is primarily hosted on GitLab, but we maintain a GitHub mirror as well.