Gamichicoth is LIVE! 5hr of new story and gameplay.

Yes, I’m very pleased to announce that the massive Gamichicoth update for Left-Hand Path is now available.

Here’s the release trailer:

The Gamichicoth update adds around 5 hours of gameplay. Yes, you did read that right.

In fact, combined with the content already in Left-Hand Path, I think this makes Left-Hand Path the longest single-player narrative (i.e. not wave-based) dedicated Vive game available at around 9-10 hours total play time.

Here’s more detail on what you’ll encounter in the streets, tunnels and caves of Gamichicoth:

  • 5 hours of play time spread over 6 distinct areas, from a haunted, ramshackle town to silent docks filled with lethal opponents.
  • A completely new, fully-voiced story.
  • Motion-captured, lipsynched characters to interact with - using the same mocap technology as used on the Avengers movies, fact fans!
  • Continuation of the overarching Left-Hand Path story too, as you follow Elena’s progress through the Well…
  • 9 new antagonists, one of which literally left my number 1 playtester shaking after his first encounter with it.
  • 4 separate “boss” fights, including the hardest battle of Left-Hand Path to date. I was covered in sweat after I finished its final playtest yesterday.
  • 3 new spells and two new rituals to learn, use to obliterate your opponents and occasionally die in the process of casting. Did I mention that magic in Left-Hand Path is not necessarily safe?
  • New Staff System - upgrade your staff with new, powerful alternatives that change the way you play.
  • New talents as you gain in power. The Screaming Heads have new abilities for you to pay for with dead things’ flesh, giving you greater power and new ways to use existing spells.
  • Arachnophobe-friendly Mode Really, REALLY can’t handle spider-type enemies? Don’t worry. There’s also a spider-creature-free mode to play - although it’s still pretty terrifying.

To reflect the fact that Left-Hand Path has more than doubled in size, the price of the game has increased to $24.99. (People who already have Left-Hand Path get Gamichicoth and all future updates before full release for free.) I’m still planning to add two more areas before full release, and anyone who buys now will get access to them too when they come out.

The price will probably increase one more time before full release to reflect those new areas: if you buy it now you’ll get them for free, of course..

Or if you already have Left-Hand Path, you can access the new area from the gate behind the final boss in Sathariel, which used to lead to The End.

(If you really, really don’t want to fight the final boss of Sathariel again, contact me and I’ll tell you the Secret Way to get to Gamichicoth without having to do that.)

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you think. Please do feel free to contact me on Reddit (PM or comment - ), on Twitter, or on the Steam discussion forums - and if you enjoy it, please do leave a Steam review too! This is still an Early Access title and I’m a one-man band, so there may be some bugs - contact me if you hit any and I’ll get ‘em fixed!

As always after I do a launch, I’m going to be hammering F5 for the next couple of days so that I catch any early issues.

Thanks, enjoy, and try not to go through too many pairs of underwear on your way into the depths of Gamichicoth…