Samael and Xanadu released for Left-Hand Path. Up to 15 hours of gameplay now!

I’m very pleased to announce the official release of Left-Hand Path’s final two areas, Samael and Xanadu. Between them and the rest of Left-Hand Path, they bring the game’s total play time in VR up to around 15 hours!

They’re part of the 0.7.0 release which is now live!

(If you’re not aware of Left-Hand Path: it’s a Dark Souls inspired VR horror/rpg where you learn and cast spells by drawing runes in the air. You can buy it from Steam here - it’s currently on the Steam Sale at 16% off.)

What’s In This Release?

This is a huge patch with:

  • Two new areas, Samael and Xanadu, totalling around 5 hr of play time!
  • 6 completely new enemies to confound and murder you.
  • 5 new spells and rituals.
  • A complex interleaved plot and brutal ultimate antagonist to overcome in Samael.
  • New, powerful talents to choose to aid your path through the Well.
  • The end of the Left-Hand Path story, complete with fully-voiced and motion-captured NPC interactions.
  • Quality-Of-Life improvements including health recovery at new heads and run option on locomotion.

Don’t Want To Play Gamichicoth again?

If you’ve played Left-Hand Path before and don’t want to get through all the content again to experience the new stuff, there’s a way to get straight to the new bit.

It’s explained on the Steam announcement page, here:


We’re still in Early Access, so it’s possible you’ll encounter some bugs. Please let me know if you do!

On very low-end systems near minimum spec, I’m aware of one performance bug related to unusually long play times. If you find your system starting to lag badly, get yourself killed or restart Left-Hand Path once you hit a Screaming Head. That will completely reset the lag. I’m looking into this bug actively, and please do let me know if it affects you.

I’m still actively developing, tuning and polishing as I move toward full 1.0 release, so all bug reports greatly appreciated.

And That’s It

This patch is probably the most ambitious one in Left-Hand Path, and it’s been a long slog of six months to get it out there.

If you’d like to discuss the game with other players, feel free to jump on the Steam forums, or I’ve started a discussion of the latest patch over on Reddit’s /r/vive subreddit: